Thursday, March 20, 2008

My view on blogs

To me, blogs are an open forum. It is a way to share ideas and thoughts online. It is a way of journaling, asking questions, and posting general opinions. As I have started blogging more often and watching the Google reader, I have already learned a great deal about a variety of subjects from dogs to technology to methodology. I think blogs are a way to collaborate and share ideas as well as receive ideas. It has many functions such as submitting school assignments, calendaring, submitting homework assignments as well as a variety of many other useful features. To me blogs are a great way to learn and truly collaborate. I look forward to when I have a bigger community to blog with. Blogs give us the ultimate tool as educators for true collaboration, too bad, most schools do not trust them or approve of them. In all I think blogs are great. I have learned a great deal and enjoy bringing up topics when they seem appropriate to my theme or interests.

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