Wednesday, March 26, 2008

RSS Feeds

I think there are awesome. You are no longer searching for information; the information is coming to you. For our students, this is a huge advantage. They can stay atop of the most current information regarding any subject they might be researching or is of interest to them. Not only do you have the latest and greatest, you have different opinions from all around the world. Students are no longer in the library looking at books that are 5 years outdated with only one point of view, they are able to absorb and give us up to date information with lots of perspectives. Hopefully this wealth of knowledge will help to give them their own perspective. I just hope that we are not inundating them with information, there is such a thing as too much of a good thing.

How will our students view their feeds is my question? Do all schools allow us to have blog sites or wiki’s?

Using RSS Reader I have added different topics that are of interest to me to my wiki site, I am currently getting the latest information on teaching jobs in NH, I am receiving great articles on technology and learning as well as technology innovations. It makes my life easier already. These are some of the searches I do daily and now they come to me. I think RSS feeds are great. I wish all sites had them.

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