Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Teaching in a networked world

When teaching in a networked environment, passions for and uses of learning grow in a way that has little to do with demographics. Therefore the flexibility provided by the educators becomes especially important and the new meaning of access to education is quite individual enabling individuals in making their own decisions regarding their private and public lives. And in making these decisions comes great responsibility and it is up to us an educators to teach the extreme importance of proper conduct and internet safety in a networked environment. The students need to understand that the world can and will be there audience and they must write accordingly. A friend of mine just posted a link to a podcast where it is evident that students are abusing the use of the internet. It can be found at:

In another article, , thanks Jeff, you see how negative endorsements can severely affect students in the academic setting.”University throws Facebook at Revelers”.

In its capacity as a tool, Internet and networks are but a ripple on the surface of our educational institutions. It is allowing us to expand our capacity as intellectual being and helps to challenge, us. Networking and the internet are without precedent in the educational history of mankind. The importance of networking in education has been finally been seen, particularly the use of wikis and blogs. A wealth of resources and techniques now exist which serve as a source both for exciting examples of new teaching practices, as well as easily accessible methods for adoption into various formats of teaching and learning. Not only is it changing the way we think, it is changing the way we teach and the way our students learn. The internet and networking technologies have allowed teachers and students keep up with their minds. It lets us try our ideas as soon as they come up with them.

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Kim T said...

I know, it is hard to tell the kids that what they are putting out there for the "world" to see will never go away. Who is having the discussions with these kids? It seems as though they are working on the internet with some poor habits, or speeding down the highway without brakes at times. They are not thinking of the LIFE LONG consequences some of these postings, verbal, video or photos may or will have on their future. If we can get to them in our classrooms, a few at a time to let them know what is really happening out there, hopefully we can start helping. Look at the ASU incident this past week. All of the cheerleaders were photographed in their undies! When I was younger, we may have done something similar, but we would "paste" it into our "physical" scrapbook. We would not "copy and paste" it into our "digital" scrapbook, because it didn't exist. The only one looking at it was the film developer and us!! eekkk! Vicki Davis is coolcatteacher, and she is trying to start a grassroots campaign for "digital citizenship". Take a look and join if you are interested. I firmly believe in this and I love what they are doing! Advocates for digital citizenship, safety, and success