Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Web 2.0 - A Social Movement

I just found this article on "Web 2.0 as a Social Movement" and I had to share it. In thinking about web 2.0 and learning networks, I found this link from a previous grad course I took. Did you know that:

The emerging presence of Web users has become so vivid that Time magazine choose for its 2006 person of the year “You,” the millions of individuals who are loading content daily on such sites as YouTube, MySpace, and so forth. Time characterizes this dramatic change in the information age with the rhetoric articulated by Web 2.0 pundits: “community and collaboration,” “power to the people,” “seizing the reins of global media,” “citizen to citizen, person to person,” “massive social experiment” (Time, 2007).

This just reinforces what I was already thinking about. Web 2.0 is an increasing community and with this community comes increased personal networks and increased knowledge.

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