Saturday, May 24, 2008

Thoughts on Second Life

Well I'll be honest, I thought second life was just for kids. I really did. My 15 year old son borrowed my laptop last week and was shocked to see second life loaded. Before I knew it, he was showing me all of the functions, how to talk, transport, fly, buy items. Great, I thought, so why am I trying this again, oh yes, social networking, virtual worlds can also contain a strong social network. Having interest in ISTE and guidelines from my instructor, Jeff, I head to the ISTE island. I've already made my character, so I look around. Within ten minutes there are at least eight other's in the room, some librarians, some technology teacher and some graduate students. Wow, I was literally amazed at how friendly everyone is. It's almost like the virtual world gives you more of a connection that twitter or your blog, you can't always guarantee a reply or post, but in second life, the forum is more open, people respond to your ideas quickly and are quick to expand upon the subject material. I liked it so much that I have become a volunteer in the ISTE area as well as the NECC 2008 area. What a great way way to network and create a social network. Thanks again, Jeff. Feel free to look for my avatar: Sherry Dawner.

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