Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Partnership for 21st Century Learning

I found this web site to be exactly what we need in technology education. A dedicated web site that wants to ensure that our students are indeed ready for the challenges of the 21st century. That our students and teachers are ready for the technology of today and tomorrow. The website itself has a wealth of information and resources for educators. It appears from the partnerships and participating schools that this is a visionary program that works. I was so impressed, that I made an account, there is a wealth of current information on standards, assessment, instruction, curriculum and learning environments. I looked around after logging in and within 1/2 hour had added 10 really great links to my "toolbox of teacher needed sites". This is a progressive site and program, one I wish we had here in my town. I look forward to being a member and getting the most information I can for preparing my students for the 21 century.

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Kim T said...

I wholeheartedly agree with you! :) I read over this site too.. and I wish we were doing more to work with all of this awesome stuff. What I think of when I read over this site is with all of the NWEA testing, NECAP testing and and No Child Left Behind... and decreased Educational Funding.. for technology and education in general.. where do the 21st century skills fit in to our school districts? Who believes in them like I do.. or like we do?? I always get my self so pumped when I learn all of these cool, wonderful new technology things.. but when I try to bring them back.. I am met with such resistance... WHY I say... WHY??? Just my venting.. but I hope others feel as strongly as we do and we continue to move forward. Technology is so important in our children's lives and I hope others are buying into it.

I also buy into the Quaglia theories as well.. that go along with the educational issues we are having today.. hope you enjoy!