Friday, March 14, 2008

Initial Thoughts

I am very excited about this class! You have already given us some neat tools to play with and learn and I love to play. I think that blogs, wikis and the podcast are certainly the way of the future. As an upcoming technology teacher, the possibility of allowing my students the opportunity to have true collaboration where they are reading ideas, and truly take the time to absorb these ideas is truly what it is all about. I believe that as our students become more connected on the internet, it will enhance their depth of knowledge, understanding. For example, if working on a project, they are getting ideas from classmates, teacher's and possibly experts from all around the world. Not only do these tools enhance the learning experience, they help us reach learners with different learning styles. Students who would normally not contribute verbally may contribute in writing. It is slightly more autonomous.

My mind actually starts to spin about the wonderful possibilities. I am enjoying this class and am looking forward to learning more and having more fun. I am still taking it all in and not sure about somethings, for example, Twitter and twirl, who has the time? I have left it running all day yesterday and did get some great clips from Jeff, but some of it just seems liked journaling, another wonderful tool we can teach our students as I believe the act of writing in wikis and blogs can be a great way to journal as well as reflect on previous thoughts or pieces of work, but as a working adult in school, I am not sure how much I will use it, but, I do watch the posts from time to time. I'm having fun and looking forward to the rest of the semester.

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Jeff Utecht said...

Glad you're having fun so far. Give Twitter a chance. Everyone starts out saying "Where do you find the time" and "I don't get it". A)It's just don't need to do anything, it just runs in the background and when you have time there is a stream of knowledge waiting for you. B)You'll get it...keep adding people. Look at who I reply to with an @ sign. then go to and click on follow (must be logged in) once you get up around 20 people or so you'll see the stream of useless knowledge start to take shape. There are different ways to use Twitter. I for one use it as a learning network. I have over 700 people that I follow and that follow me. I can ask a question about a program, about an article and those 700 people become my Google...only they are all educators and most are educational technology people so it is almost a refined search just for me. There are amazing tools out here...prepare yourself...this is only the beginning. P)