Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Web 2.0 when you Least Expect It.

Well, out of the mouth's of Babes. Ok, my babe is 15 but his is still my baby. He's sitting there bopping his head, totally plugged into his laptop when he says mom "listen to this", my friends just cut this "riff" and it's got a really cool beat. So of course I said, Wow, I'm surprised an audio file emailed over so quickly", he says " no they linked it to their website while they recorded and sent it to me via wikidot. Hey mom, you ever heard of wikidot, it's really cool, it's kinda like chat but I can go back and see what happened earlier, and it kinda looks like a website. I can even talk with friends about homework. WOW! It's really happening, this Web 2.0 thing :)) Sounds a lot like wetpaint to me I tell him "huh, wetpaint?", he is already plugged back in.


Jeff Utecht said...

Love this story. Our kids are already in these spaces. They don't know them as Web 2.0...they just know it as the web. It's our job as teachers to help to use these tools for educational purposes. They know how to use the tools, just not how to use them to learn...and they are very powerful learning tools as well. Love it!

Torchgirl said...

What I think is amazing is how people learn. It's so obvious to me that different learning styles are addressed in a multitude of ways with Web 2.0 Your son just "knows," I have to break it, go around the back, experiment some more, ask for an analogy...

Lately I've been introducing the concept of learning styles to my 4th graders. Seems young, yet they seemed to already want to all be the same, do the same projects the same way, etc.

I can't tell you how many light bulbs exploded when I said, "Hmm.. well, how do you want to do it?"