Tuesday, April 1, 2008


In reading about the Horizon Project by Victoria Davis (AKA "CoolCatTeacher"). I noticed that while doing this incredible project with her 5th grade students, the project scope included a web 2.0 tool called Grazr, hmm, ok, I thought, I'll take a look, three days later and WOW! What a powerful tool Grazr and widgets can be. I am happy and amazed. I created everything I look at including podcasts, pictures and feeds to one site, made it a widget and placed it on my reader, my blog site and my wiki. I even put all of my social bookmark sites on my Grazr list.
To quote Grazr directly " Grazr is a great tool for anyone who needs to monitor online sources and share the results:
  • Combine online sources into a convenient package.
  • Gather items from these sources as they appear over time.
  • Collect feeds, blog posts, news stories, Wikipedia articles, pictures, podcasts, video clips.
  • Any form of online data can be put into Grazr.
  • Share your results in a form that is automatically updated.
  • Perfect for teachers, students, librarians, financial analysts, marketers, ..."
What a wonderful tool for teachers and students. Once again the information is coming to us and we are not killing ourselves doing endless searches. Did Imention you can save searches as feeds within Grazr as well? A wonderful tool. Feel free to take a look at my whole grazr site:

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Jeff Utecht said...

Man...look at you! AWESOME. Your sidebar for your blog is alive with information...I love it! Explore, experiment, and try new things...that's what I want this class to be about. Good on ya!