Saturday, March 29, 2008

Wiki's in the Classroom

The Use of Wiki’s in the Classroom

The article Uses and Potentials of Wikis in the Classroom really helps to show the power of wiki’s in the classroom. Click the title to view the article. He also has an innovative technology feed that can be reached via: I also found the wiki site, Britney’s Place which allows students to post comments and evaluations of English projects such as the Scarlett Letter as well as giving the students a rubric and assessment. Each page of this wiki tells the student exactly what is expected. What a wonderful tool for us teacher who dislike repeating ourselves J

What can I say; I have fallen head over heels for wiki’s. Personally, I am using wetpaint and its potential since I set it up a week or so ago has already been immense. I have made contacts with new people who have similar interests as me. I have received information on job leads as well as great resources for my other grad class. I am actually in the process of doing online collaboration via my wiki with two other classmates to write a summary. I took the results of all of our posts and created a page for editing. Wow, talk about the power of collaboration! If you’d like you can see our very different views on the same article which I feel will make a wonderful summary when pulled together, it can be found at

The potential for wiki’s is enormous. If able to pass the boundaries of firewalls and the powers that be that may need convincing that wiki’s are appropriate for k-12 students. I would suggest as they are guaranteed to be safe and secure while providing a wealth of tools and technology information.

There are many uses of wiki’s for the classrooms that make them very exciting, (following the wiki and watching the videos on the wiki project The Flat Classroom ) just shows the potential of wiki’s. The power of collaboration between students in different time zones, the ability of students to incorporate digital stories, videos, summaries and really synthesis the information was amazing to read and follow. This project is a true inspiration for technology users in education today. These students created an amazing piece using all the best of web 2.0 software.

So what are some of these uses or advantages of wikis just to name a few?

They offer different learning strategies.

Wikis tend to bring about collaborative writing just by their very nature. (Post and reply)

They can create a network for information sharing.

Student can submit assignments via wiki.

Teacher assessment and assignments can be posted.

Shared construction of knowledge can be fostered.


Kim T said...

I agree 100%. I hope we can work with these wiki's in the classroom soon. I am going to check out the edublog site to see what that entails. I do use a similar thing on Moodle right now that is password protected and it time and date stamps the kids works.. just in case something has to be checked out for naughtiness!! Thanks for the great resources! You have jumped in with both feet too! I am excited to keep learning all of this great stuff! I wish I was the one finding it all, but we need to sleep sometimes!!

I think the potential for wiki's in the classroom is wonderful and promising. It is great how you put a page together to work on your group project! Awesome idea! We sent ours via email.. had I known about wetpaint last PSU class!

Kim T said...

Hey.. check this out!

cool eh?

Jeff Utecht said...

This is great! Be thinking of a collaborative project you can do with your classmates in this class. Maybe you want to use your wiki as a way to bring information together that all of you can use?

I want you to collaborate on a project. Which wiki you use and how you set it up is up to you guys....but I think this space that you have started to create might be a good place to get started.