Saturday, April 26, 2008

Ning...Ning...Ning... Yet Another Tool?

I recently decided to increase my network presence and after reading many great blogs, I decided to create a page on ning, click on the picture to check out my page. Well I do like it's many capabilities. I uploaded some personal photo's, downloaded an image from flickr, added a video and my first podcast. It appear to be robust and connects you with other social networks quickly. But I don't think it is as great as I had previously thought. The text editor is extremely limited. You cannot change font's, colors or sizes unless your great at html and it has been a while for me. When you join a social network, you are prompted to create your own page again. How many pages does one really need on the internet? Google ads show up on the right side of your page unless you are willing to pay the $19.95 premium service fee. I leave ning with mixed feelings. Is it really the great tool I thought I had found? I'm still not sure. If your a ning user, I'd love to hear what you think... The center of learning and technology lists ning as one of the 100 top tools in education. Do you agree?

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Kim T said...

Hi - I am using Ning right now for a few groups that I have joined. I am part of the Horizon Project 2008 as well as a stopcyberbullying site Stopcyberbullying. So far, I haven't tried to do much editing, but I do like the way they look like websites. They have a great feel to them and I like the tabs across the top for ease of use. Other than that, I guess they are just another tool to play with in the big playground of "web2.0"! Ning seems to be pretty popular with some of the "heavy hitters" of the web 2.0 world. This is the platform they choose for the Horizon project. I think the main reason they use it, is because it has the feel like a myspace without the "dirty" word associated with it! Just my thoughts!