Saturday, April 19, 2008

Personal Learning Networks - What are they anyway?

To me it is the network I am creating with my online presence. It is the many people who have decided to follow me on twitter and those I have decided to follow. It’s the really cool teacher from Wisconsin that liked my blog and keeps in touch. It is my wiki, my network is becoming a part of my everyday living. It helps me stay informed and it helps me to learn. The constant rate at which I am receiving information that is of interest to me and it’s all great. My network allows me to expand my thinking and better yet, when I am unsure of something or need an answer, I can go to my network. These many people who comprise my network are experts in many fields and have many answers and resources that they are more than happy to share. Thank goodness for my network, because with technology evolving so quickly I just can’t always keep up.

For students and schools this network could be such a valuable resource. It will help them to find relevant information quickly, it will allow them to make connections with people and content and allow them the possibility for other points of view. As teacher’s we really can only teach so much, we only have so much time and knowledge. Does it not make sense that personal learning networks would benefit our students immensely? They are learning from other people, they are blogging and getting many different takes, thoughts and ideas to expand upon. Learning does not essential end, but continues. Students could make connections as well as know exactly where to go to get the knowledge or content that they need. PLNs can only increase our student’s knowledge, it is one of the most powerful resources we could teach/ give them.

For an interesting read on personal learning networks and communities, check out “Learning Ecology, Communities and Networks; Extending the classroom” by George Siemens. The article is dated five years ago but is still quite enlightening in comparison with the other articles, blogs and podcasts I have found on the subject. For a great podcast, check out Professional Learning Networks; Online Professional Development by Jeff Utecht.


Kim T said...

Isn't it funny that only less than 2 months ago, we hardly had a PLN? Fate I say! It is hard to believe that I have been living in the "dark" so to speak. Who would have thought that Twitter would be one of my best friends? Who would think I would have networks of technology teachers that WANT to share information with ME? How exciting! What a time we live in. How can you blame the kids for creating their own PLN? It may not be on the latest and greatest technology updates but I can tell you they are sharing videos, information, and yes.. sometimes even homework! I saw a great blog where we were having lower expectations of our students.. is that true? I think that might be a little true when I saw the students collaborative project, it was amazing and far beyond any expectations that an 8th grader may have put the final project together!

here's one blog:

shegstrom said...

Thanks Kim, I appreciate the link!