Saturday, May 17, 2008

Just When I Thought I Was a True Web 2.0 User

I find myself realizing that I still rely on my old habits, my old ways of doing things. I still create my documents in word, and my spreadsheets in excel, directly on my laptop. I have 40 page paper's due for some of my master's classes yet, I keep them on a hard drive, safe and sound. So while I love to blog, love my wiki and am constantly playing with 2.0 tools, I am not always using them in the way they were meant to be used. I wonder if anyone else claiming to love 2.0 can say the same... I find myself, with a laptop that is not my own, and a 20 page paper due in two days, I'm just waiting around, could be working on my edits, BUT, did I put in on the one of google's coolest tools, Google Docs, No, I did not, so I sit here waiting and wishing I had saved my paper to my usb port. Again, I'm not realizing the potential. I promise in the future to do what I preach, use web 2.0 technology to it's fullest abilities! Iwill post my paper to Google Docs and I will use my account and stop using the bookmark tab. Confessions of a web 2.0 user :)

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Kim T said...

Hee Hee.. I relate to you too! I like to be safe. Especially when a grade depends on it. Today was a good day for me during school. I took all of the links that we are going to use for the kids Public Service Announcements and created a list on Diigo for them to reference. All in one neat place.. no surfing.. just click and done. So, I know what you are saying though. There are so many web2.0 tools out there, what to use, what not to use, when to use them is still somewhat a mystery. Keep chugging along.. At least we know about them and are trying it! :) I think we can say we are ahead of the game.. what ever the game is!!