Friday, May 16, 2008

Writing a Blog Post, Is there a correct way?

Lately I've been wondering how much time is spent when we (I) write a blog post. What are we thinking about during this writing process? How do we make it so that we catch people's attention and make them not only want to read our blog posts but respond to them as well? As always, a new thought brings me to my account which I have populated with various posts and articles found on my google reader or my twitter account and immediately see two good hits. Blogging etiquette, well that must be of importance! But is the definitions of etiquette different for each reader? My first hit is by edublogger, "5 Tips for Writing Better Blog Posts". Ok, so be short and precise (quess I'll stop writing now :) , use heading, remember to hyperlink, comment back to readers, and last but not least subscribe to your own post via a reader. Ok, so I think I have 4 out of 5, so I better keep this short. I also found a great article on Etiquette, Twitter and Self Promotion thanks to a great post on Drapes Takes. So what do you think, what makes you read a blog, what are the rules of the road? Are there really any? Do you spend as much time personalizing your blog page as I do (I'm constantly trying out new widgets that I just have to add) , or are you more concerned with the content of your posts? Are the two of equal importance? I wonder...

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