Saturday, May 31, 2008

Thank you Cool Cat Teacher

I just had to extend my thanks to Vicky at Cool Cat Teacher for her wonderful post on 8 Reasons Why Bloggers Don't Share their Blog: A Call for You to Share Your Link. I think your 5th reason really resignates for me, "A Feeling of Being overwhelmed - When I started, I often wondered, "what can I add?" There's too much. I cannot do this. I don't have the time.". I am always worried about what I am writing about and if it will be relevant to other readers in the blogsphere. I currently have over 1000 feeds in my google reader, so yes, I get a little overwhelmed sometimes. You helped me to see I am not alone and I thank you. You have also connected me to some great blogs, just in watching your comments, I have found great bloggers who I have a great deal in common with such as:
Connected the Dots
OnionSkin along with many other's I have added to my reader. What a great idea, Thank you so much!

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