Monday, June 2, 2008

Voki - A talking Avatar

Now I may be being repetitive here as I'm sure there are many 2.0 users that are already aware of this application, but I just had to take a minute to tell you how cool I think it is. While searching edublog on an unrelated topic, I ran into the following post Adding a Voki Speaking Avatar . Now this is a neat toy and widget, I created mine quickly and easily with lots of options, I didn't have my handy dandy skype head phones so I just used one of the prerecorded voices and typed in what I wanted it to say. Now that is impressive. I can see so many uses for this. I already like mine and can not wait to have more time to customize it and add my own voice. Adding the code for the widget was easy and they give you three different sizes to choose from. Now think of all the fun I'm having. Can you imagine how much fun our students would have at all different age ranges and abilities. An avatar that you create that can talk using your voice or what you type in at the keyboard. If you have ever seen a students/childs laptop, the first thing you may notice is how customized it is just for them. I can see students adding this to websites, presentations, their wonderful my space account the works, they can even email it to friend. I see a lot of potential and am trying to find time to see if I can do a podcast with my avatar from voki. If you have a minute, drop a comment and take some time to play :)


Michelle said...

I'm also thinking about some of our students who are not able to speak... typing their text for their Voki to speak for them!

Kristi said...

How cool! Thanks for sharing the link!