Monday, June 9, 2008

The Internet Encourages Creativity in Students

I have been amazed at the amount of work I have seen produced from students in grades k-12 when they are taught and allowed access to the internet and all of it's wonderful tools. Many of us have read about the amazing accomplishments of the flat classroom project. On a smaller scale, I recently inquired about a book report a student was doing and even I being an avid technology user, expected to see a word document ready for editing. Instead I was shown a website. A website, I was thrilled. You can check out the unedited portion here. Graphics used well, even a clip about the book and decent content. When I prompted the student as to why they chose to create a website for their book report, the student replied, "the teacher said to be creative, the internet allows me to be very creative, besides building web pages is fun". In checking the website builder weebly , I find that it is a free web building tool with blogging ability and a great text editor. I think I see another post coming....

I just had to share, whether we realize it or not, are students are indeed technology focused and when given choice and an open internet, the possibilities are endless.

The Internet = Creativity

Creativity = The Internet

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