Monday, June 30, 2008

ScreenCast-Uses in Education

Well just when I was all set to stream my 8 minute demo to NECC UnPlugged, I realized I was not available in the time slot I reserved with the two hour delay from NH to TX. So I had an idea. I recored my speed demo with camtasia and uploaded it to, before I knew it I had a valid link to add to the NECC UnPlugged page where people can still view my presentation. Yeh. Both software applications are easy to use, and in case you never heard of Grazr, a great manager for feeds and the like, feel free to check out my screencast.

I would love thoughts and opinions, I left blog land for a bit, a think I got discouraged with the amount of feedback I was getting, please share the love, take a minute to leave a post.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sherri,

Thanks for the nice Grazr how-to screencast! I think you touched on a lot of the core things we do in a pretty clear way.

Grazr can be a little intimidating because we've added so many features to the site. We're definitely working on simplifying it quite a bit.

One quick note, the site is pronounced with a long A (like laser) "Grazer". The idea is that it's a system for perusing lots of information and "Grazing" it. :)

Mike Kowalchik - CTO Grazr

shegstrom said...

Well to hear from the CTO is better than 10 comments. Thank you so much, I love Grazr and don't think people realize how robust it can be. I just had to let the web 2.0 world know in my own little way. I also appreciate the knowledge, never would have guessed it was pronounced like that but it makes sense. Thanks again. I am a true Grazr fan.