Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Technology Jobs Do Exist

Well if finally happened, after many interviews and masters classes and what appeared to be a road never ending. I have landed a job at a Computer Technology Integrator/Teacher within 25 minutes of my home. I find this opportunity very exciting as the concepts are cutting edge. Work with a team of teachers, review their curriculum and help them to integrate technology with combined lesson plans and their own support system (me). Patience and persistence has paid off and I am finally a "real" teacher with my own school and classroom, I can finally participate in blogland and feel like I am contributing true ideas I see in the classroom instead of as a substitute teacher and graduate student. Can you tell how excited I am. I hope I am still this excited a year from now :)) I wan't to take a minute to extend my thanks to Jeff Utecht who opened my eyes to web 2.0 and technology integration, it was one of the major reasons I was hired. Thanks Jeff, for everything!

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