Monday, July 7, 2008

Thinking Maps - A great tool for Educators and Students

I just finished reading the book "Student Successes with Thinking Maps". Wow, what a powerful tool they can be in education. While not technology, thinking maps help students to visualize their thought processes. By using these maps we are able to mimic the brains own processes. How unique and different theses processes can be for each individual is quite amazing as is the ability to reflect which is so very important to the learning process. I believe that once we reflect on how we have come to conclusions and reflect on how we got to these conclusions is when we are really learning. The thinking maps as a visual and common language is what all students and teachers need. They help to bridge the gaps in thought processes and communication, making it possible for teachers to reach more students as they are now have a common language to use leading to less problems with miscommunication as well as the ability to reach more students effectively. A great book and worth while read for any educator. You can also check out their website here.
Check out this great audio clip I found on teaching students how to learn by David Hyerle.

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