Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Project Based Learning Reinvented

Well as blogging time comes and goes, my love of reading and the web 2.0 movement has remained the same. I just can't get enough. With that said I just had to say how amazing , Reinventing Project Based Learning by Suzie Boss and Jane Krauss is. What an enlightening book to teachers young and old. I highly recommend it. I think project based learning is truly authentic and helps our students to "own" their learning. Something that I think becomes more and more important as we try to teach 21st century skills. I also had to give Kudos to two bloggers I have been following since I was introduced to web 2.0. blogging and readers. Ms. Vicki Davis "Cool Cat Teacher" has an amazing blog about teaching and PBL and is always willing to share. As well as a very wonderful professor and international educator that I had the pleasure of taking a class with through Plymouth State University (the one class that truly opened my eyes to web 2.0 and all of it's many tools and rewards) Mr. Jeff Utecht. He updates his blog frequently and is always sharing not only his work experience and passion but also other cool pieces of information regarding PBL,web 2.0 and technology. To my delight and surprise, I have just past page 14 and they are both mentioned for their wonderful work on blogs and PBL. I wonder if they knew when they started blogging that all of their sharing and communicating would land them on the 14th page of a great book (that is so far, there may be more :) Kudos to both of them!

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