Friday, March 28, 2008

Media Sharing

My thoughts on media sharing: The Role of Emerging Technologies

I think media sharing is really exciting. Emerging interactive media enable new types of educational representations and contexts for creating, sharing, and mastering knowledge. This is driving major shifts in the teaching and research, yet finding the right sites can be very important for K-12 educators. For example, if you go to YouTube and click on education link, the very first video hit is called “Hot XXX Lesbian Action”. You can guarantee that when I become a full time educator, I will not allow my students to go to YouTube, however we have a lot of great content out there that’s helps us to teach as well as supplement our lessons. For example, on teachertube, I immediately found a great clip on internet safety that I shared with friends in education as well as posting it to my wiki site. This is a wonderful tool that allows us to teach our students multimedia while providing various sources of information. I have also considered its impact on visual learners as well. Those students, who do not understand a concept via lecture or class work, may find concepts more meaningful if watching them in context. I especially love the videos produced by students. Many of them are showing us the steps of how they came to produce something or summarize what they have learned. It’s like peer tutoring on a whole new level. Just check out some of the wonderful video’s that have been produced on


Torchgirl said...

Testing sites is very important when you use technology with students. Although at times, I wish our district web blocker was taken down a notch or two (they will unblock if requested with a sound educational reason). As a parent and teacher I would rather have a student hit an "unlucky" page with me near by. It facilitates the discussion of Internet Safety.

Kim T said...

YES! I agree.. there is nothing worse than putting up a site or a web search on the LCD only to have dirty pictures come up or swear words surface! OOps! That is the beauty of delicious or a place to hold your websites, so you can avoid surfing without previewing!! I am relieved to tell you the truth that our youtube is blocked right now, because it is not filtered and the kids look up almost anything on it. I know, I have teens..oh my! Some of the stuff is actually funny, but totally not school appropriate. That is for sure!
I agree with Patti though, it does get us talking about internet safety and how to behave when we see something inappropriate on our screens.

shegstrom said...

Thanks ladies, you have opened my eyes in a way, while I may be horrified if I were to show inappropriate content, it does lead for a great discussion on the proper use and responsibility of using the internet whether in school or at home.
Dunca! When my time comes I will try to move past it instead of looking horrified :)

Torchgirl said...

I know there is way to run web sites even without a web connection. Something that would be handy if the connection dropped off. It pre-loads the sites and appears as if they're working. I've seen a couple of facilitators use it at conferences. I'm going on a dig to find out more and will certainly share the wealth.